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Exodus 20:1-17 March 15, 2015

Posted by Ventura Dreamer in Blogroll.

Verses 4-6: God commanded the people not to make or worship idols, in any form. God described himself as a “jealous” God who would punish idol worshippers as well as 4 generations of their children. But to those who love and obey his commandments, God promised “steadfast love” to the 1000th generation!

Bill Dockery, the devotion writer for this section, brings up an interesting bit of trivia I didn’t know. Those granite Ten Commandments monuments in front of hundreds of courthouses around the country?  They were part of Cecil B. DeMille’s publicity for his 1956 movie! Those same statues that are church/state political fodder were all a publicity stunt!  Perhaps this was a form of idolatry, since, as Mr. Dockery points out, “these principles from God should be posted in the individual heart” and used to guide our actions toward God and the world.

The Ten Commandments are our code for living with God, ourselves and family, and everyone else.

Dockery brings up another interesting fact: it is not only short, with the exception of not worshipping idols, it does not list specific punishments for breaking the laws.

Live life following God’s commandments and grow closer to God.



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