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John 6:16-21 July 26, 2015

Posted by Ventura Dreamer in Blogroll.

This is the short version of when Jesus walked on the Sea of Galilee.

Jesus has gone back to the mountain because people want to make him a political leader after witnessing his bread and fish meal miracle. It is getting dark so the disciples get in a boat and head toward Capernaum. Three or four miles from shore, it begins to get windy and the sailing gets rough. And they see Jesus walking towards them ON the water! They think they are seeing things and are frightened, but Jesus calls out not to be afraid, it’s only him:D They end up on shore as they try to pick him up, and that’s the end of story – no big deal, just another day with Jesus. Nothing is impossible with him!

Whenever we are frightened or in need, we can always call on Jesus/God/Jah/Allah for help and support. It just takes faith.



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