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Proverbs 22:1-2, 8-9, 22-23 September 1, 2015

Posted by Ventura Dreamer in Blogroll.

Interesting list of proverbs the lectionary lists for today:

God made us all, rich and poor, so wealth or lack of it should not be how we judge others. (Even though we shouldn’t judge anyone anyway!)

We should share what we have and be generous, avoiding unjust acts.

Don’t take advantage of the poor or weak because God “pleads their cause” (and “despoils of life” those who mess with those plaintiffs!)

Who does the LORD want us to be? Someone who doesn’t judge others but tries to help them? Sure, of course. Attitude counts big in the why and how. Do we help because it’s our job? Yes, of course. But what does the LORD require of us in our heart and soul? What about our “sins of omission”, all those times and ways we ignore, forget, avert our eyes?

What does the LORD require of us? Elaine Eberhart, this week’s devotion writer, writes

We rob the poor in these small individual ways, but together our harm is much greater. We rob the poor when we allow check-cashing businesses to thrive in poor neighborhoods, charging exorbitant fees to cash paychecks. We rob from the poor when we cannot find ways to connect the working poor with traditional financial services so they aren’t victimized by an industry that makes their economic progress impossible. We rob the poor when we build subsidized housing over sites of former chemical businesses. Giving cans of food is important, but we are called to address those who despoil the lives of our brothers and sisters. Advocacy in areas of public policy can seem overwhelming, but perhaps it is the avenue of the most help. What if our only choice was to live with our children in the apartment over the chemical dump?

Advocacy and personal relationships continue to be the correct avenue, but it’s hard. We often do things we don’t like or find difficult at our jobs. Maybe remembering our job under God’s supervision will be what we need to remember when we ponder these proverbs.



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